Challenge · Opening doors

Opening doors: February

For February, the first month of the Opening doors/Knitting adventures challenge, I’ve chosen these gorgeous art nouveau doors:

Image: pinterest

I love the elegance and detail of their design, with the lovely curves, the vines and the flowers and the crowning glory of the peacock. Such an exuberant design!

Now for the design: how to transmute these lovely doors into a knitting design?

Given all the curves – the curved triple lines on the door, the curve of the peacock’s tail and the curved archway – I’m thinking a curved shawl for the shape of the design.

“In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.” – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

I’ve also discovered the perfect yarn in my stash: Hedgehog fibres Merino DK in Silence, a gorgeous cream with  darker shades of beige, which I think reflects the darker and lighter shades of beige and cream in the picture quite well.



But which design elements to incorporate? Perhaps just triple curves on the edge of the shawl? Or a border with a perfusion of flowers – how to create the flowers: knit? crochet? Or perhaps lace flowers in the body? Or to somehow incorporate the whole design of the peacock and it’s tail into the body of the shawl? What do you think?

So many ideas… I forsee much swatching and many sketches in my future…

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